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Welcome to Caelan Wright & Associates Ltd.

Caelan Wright is a specialized revenue acceleration engine for large corporate clients operating in financial services, hospitality and other industries. We deliver incremental business growth through our deep expertise in integrated channel setup, operation and optimization.  Out toolbox includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Business and partnerships development
  2. Access to a portfolio of large-scale marketing databases
  3. Contact centre setup, Telemarketing operations and digital  (marketing) integration
  4. Face-to-face distribution optimization
  5. Modern Data Science
  6. Scalable Talent Recruiting

We engage very closely with our Clients, and consistently deliver outstanding quality of services and execution.

We help them create sustainable market advantage by:

  1. Engineering modern contact centres, integrated with the digital and traditional channel mix
  2. Deploying Data Science to enhance and monetize Partners’ (big) data assets
  3. Accelerating decision-making and operational speed
  4. Innovating our Clients’ Customer Engagement model

As a customer touch specialist, and with our wealth of experience in contact centers, our cross-channel distribution know-how, and partners’ portfolio, we commit to accelerating business growth and adding measurable value to all our client relationships, irrespective of industry and scale.


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