Rapport building is an integral part of the communication process. Lack, or absence, of rapport can fundamentally affect the outcome of any conversation. Isn’t it true that sometimes we just ‘click’ with some people and get on really well with them? In such instances the conversation runs smoothly, it is enjoyable and the results are so much better than when the communication is strained and we fail to ‘gel’ with the person we are talking to.

Have you ever asked yourself why elite sports people and teams have coaches when they are champions and consistently successful? It is because they always want to ensure that they keep being the "best of the best" and on top of their game.

Relationship management is the most important behavioural attribute that a high-performing and successful manager of people in any organisation needs to possess. Managers' skill-based capabilities nowadays will only yield success when they are underpinned by effective relationship building.

A Key Strategic question: to outsource or not?

Outsourcing came to prominence in the 1980s and depending on the industry and geographical region, has been cyclical, It has now become a business consideration globally irrespective of the size and nature of organizations. Furthermore, it has become an enormous political debating point across the globe, particularly in the United States during the last presidential campaigning.

The telemarketing guidelines from the Office of the Insurance Commission (OIC) for the sale of life insurance products are certainly creating a significant level of excitement among players in the industry. The leading question is whether the guidelines will help or hinder the industry.

The answer to this question will vary among organisations but in the minds of consumers, it will be perceived as a proactive measure to enhance the environment within which telemarketing is conducted, by a regulator who has the consumer's best interests at heart.

In an age when call-centre activity constitutes such a large component of many organisation’s revenue generation or provision of customer service, it is frightening that so many call centres have employee turnover rates of as high as 50-100% per year. This situation poses a significant risk to business continuity and success.

In most of today’s call centres, call quality monitoring is an essential process. In addition, coaching of call centre professionals is a must-have. Apart from improving individual’s performance through training and development, a successful call quality monitoring and coaching programme has significant benefits for the contact centre.

Each company should look at two things before deciding on whether they should outsource their receiving and making call operation.

1. Current Costs

If you currently employ a single person who answers 10 calls per day, your operation is probably still to small to justify the cost of a call center. If you employ a full time person answering 50 calls per day, then a call center might be a justified cost. The beauty of a call center is in the costs you’ll be paying.

While most of this stress is unavoidable in the call center, there are a few things you can remember that can make a difference in your work day.

1. Don’t take it personal.
2. Don’t get in an argument.
3. Fix the problem on the first phone call.
4. Get to the root of the issue.
5. Ignore ignorance.

Don’t take it personal.

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