Maintaining Contact Center Call Quality

In most of today’s call centres, call quality monitoring is an essential process. In addition, coaching of call centre professionals is a must-have. Apart from improving individual’s performance through training and development, a successful call quality monitoring and coaching programme has significant benefits for the contact centre.

In order to perform call quality monitoring, most centers typically record all the conversations between staff and customers. Typically the quality Assurance Team (QAT) – a specialized team responsible for listening to and evaluating the telephone interactions of staff – or supervisors will search retrieve and play back a call from the voice recording system to perform call quality evaluation. Commonly a scorecard or checklist is used to grade the call.

There are a few types of methods to monitor the quality of calls. The common methods used are side-by-side, remote and live monitoring. Other approaches such as peer monitoring and self monitoring have also been proven effective but are not as widely used. Each monitoring method has its pros and cons. Most contact centre operations use a combination of two or three methods in order to obtain improvements in the level of quality provided to customers.

With the advancement of technology, contact center QATs have evolved from merely listening to the telephone interactions between staff and customer. Advance tools such as screen capture enable the monitoring and recording of the desktop activities the capability of staff. This allows the QAT to evaluate the capability of staff with respect to utilizing the appropriate applications to assist customers in a call content, such as callers’ emotions and can reveal the root causes of customer perceptions, business outcomes and call volumes. Such a powerful application helps organizations to identify market opportunities and competitive threats while observing trends that would otherwise go undetected.

Coaching is both important and closely related to call quality monitoring. Effective call quality coaching is in fact more important than just merely evaluating customer interactions. It is the process of effectively providing feedback to staff on performance strengths and development areas. The concept of coaching in contact centers is similar to coaching in sport, whereby the coach is responsible for providing guidance, sharing knowledge and experiences, motivating, training and setting improvement goals or targets for the players. The ultimate objective of coaching it to significantly improve the contact center’s performance.

Effective call quality monitoring and coaching are key success factor for improving contract centre performance. The combination of people, process and technology are the primary elements in a successful call quality monitoring and coaching programme. Ultimately organizations will benefit in terms of optimized individual and team performance as well as increase levels positive customer experience.


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