Should you use a Call Center?

Each company should look at two things before deciding on whether they should outsource their receiving and making call operation.

1. Current Costs

If you currently employ a single person who answers 10 calls per day, your operation is probably still to small to justify the cost of a call center. If you employ a full time person answering 50 calls per day, then a call center might be a justified cost. The beauty of a call center is in the costs you’ll be paying.

Money isn’t the only cost you’ll be paying. If your customers are primarily based in the U.S. and you hire a call center in a foreign country, you’ll not only surprise them, but you might lose some customers due to language barriers. If you are able to keep your level of customer service as high as possible you should be able to keep a great majority of your current clients.

2. Future Savings.

If you’ll be saving $100 per month by outsourcing to a call center, it probably isn’t worth the time you’ll need to spend setting it up and making sure everything is running smoothly. If however the cost savings will be $10,000 per month because you won’t be employing two current employees, then you might want to start looking into call centers.

When speaking of savings, remember that someone sitting in the office next to you is easier to train, easier to hire, easier to fire, and it is easier to make sure they’re doing the job to your standards. If your call center is 5,000 miles away you’ll have to relinquish that control.

Hiring a call center shouldn’t be something that is decided in a single day. Give yourself time to research the different companies that provide the service, check costs, get recommendations and find out if this is really what you want.


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