Why us

Caelan Wright significantly differentiates itself in the call center market by delivering tailored and personalised services, irrespective of industry and customer touch requirements, to all of its clients. We use needs based technology and operate a robust operation tailored to client requirements, having the ability to accommodate client expansion plans rapidly and with versatility.

Our team of proven and experienced customer touch and call center specialists ensure that, irrespective of size, campaigns are handled with equal importance. All clients are well known by our Senior Management team and we also ensure they receive personal attention from our Directors.

Our Call Center Operations are located in the heart of Bangkok, ideally positioned for convenience and efficiency of operation for staff and clients alike.

Caelan Wright's location in Bangkok, ensures that all clients have quality teams working on their campaigns at all times. Bangkok is ideally situated allowing us excellent access to the highest calibre staff (and officing) at the most competitive pricing - this in turn allows cost saving and efficiency to be passed on to our clients in our flexible pricing structures.

Quality service is primary to our value proposition and every client's brand – this philosophy ensures that projects exceed client expectations.


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